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¿Qué son Entrevistas Exclusivas?

Las entrevistas te ayudan a conocer un poco más acerca de la personalidad y las preferencias de los escorts y, a la vez, ayudándote con la decisión de a quien contactar.

Solo RentMen le da al escort o masajista la opción de crear una entrevista personal para que tú puedas tomar una mejor decisión basada en lo que él dice acerca de sí mismo. Lee sobre su punto de vista personal, aprende lo que él piensa sobre su trabajo, lo que hace en su tiempo libre y cómo quiere que te sientas después de pasar tiempo juntos.

Estos chicos son mucho más que fotos y descripciones - solo RentMen te ofrece oportunidad de descubrir sus otras interesantes cualidades. Conócelo antes de llamar.

Mi entrevista

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  • ¿Cuáles son tus pasatiempos e intereses?

    Hobbies. It's so important to have them, yet it's always so hard to answer this simple question. I'll tell you why. I always have a "hobby" at any given time, but my hobbies change VERY frequently. So, I guess you could say my "hobby" is "changing hobbies". So you have an idea, here are just SOME of my hobbies since the pandemic in 2020: Cooking (which turned into a virtual cooking night), then Abtract Painting (first pour art, then pallet knives, then paint brushes) to happy little pine tress in silhouette with a sunset in the background, then I tried audio books, then podcasts, then friendship bracelet making (I went into Target after drinking wine, and I walked out with this gift that just kept on giving).

  • ¿Qué te distingue de todas las demás personas que conoces?

    I listen when people speak. That’s the key to any relationship (romantic, platonic, familial, etc.). People tell you everything you need to know if you just listen. You’ll hear what makes them happy, what makes them sad/mad, what they wish for, and often times they’ll provide the solution to their own problems without even knowing it, and you can be there to help point that out. There’s been numerous times I’ve asked, “Did you hear what you just said?!? THAT’s your answer RIGHT THERE.” Also, by simply listening and observing you can become the best gift giver in the world. Try this: next time you’re with a person as they’re online shopping, listen to their commentary and reactions to certain items and mentally take note of what they like. Then when their Birthday or other holiday comes along, you’re getting them the perfect gift AND it’s something they actually want! And finally, imagine what this can do for your sex life. People always tell you (in obvious or subtle ways) what they like. So take note, and take them to their happy place. TL;Dr: Talk less… listen more.

  • ¿Cuál dirías son tus mayores atributos?

    Extroverted, Confident, Resilient, Humorous, Compassionate

  • ¿Cuál es tu "especialidad" o que te apasiona?

    I have a few.
    *I’m a marketing person’s wet dream. I WILL buy the book based on the cover. (Books are art for your home. Audio books are for “reading”).*Critiquing things that I know nothing about. *Using Grey’s Anatomy quotes in motivational work meetings.*”Deep Thoughts By Jack Handey”*Bringing levity into any situation

  • ¿Qué “esfuerzo adicional” haces en tu vida?

    Honestly, it’s the little things you can do for someone, especially strangers, that go a long way. For instance, do you ever find yourself on the elevator with an older lady? Try this: Smile, say hello, and then ask her about something (or someONE) in the building she might like talking about. For instance, Whitney, the evening front desk lady that is just so... unpleasant. And that something needs to be done about Whitney’s attitude. And that maybe, JUST MAYBE, if the management office heard what a B-word Whitney was from a long time, valued, resident, like herself, we could get rid of Whitney once and for all.
    All kidding aside (well maybe): Smile at people. Say hello. Make them feel included, and seen. Help them with a door. Carry something. Take their candy (Because dentist bills are outrageous and we’re just trying to save them money). YOU could be the one person, that says the one thing, that could turn their entire day into a good one.