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RentMen: ¿Cuáles son 5 cosas indispensables para tu vida?
SeanStorm: In no order,
* My smart phone. It's mandatory in this business. A necessity that I imagine would be hard to live without - even thougjh RentMen and RentWomen did just fine in the pre-cell phone ages.
*My car.
*My shoes. Seriouslyrics, it would really suck not having shoes. Clothes - I don’t care about clothes. I am naked most of the time anyway.
*A TV or a computer to watch my favorite shows.
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  • RentMen: ¿Cuéntanos un poco acerca de ti mismo? Algo que te gustaría que otros sepan absolutamente sobre ti.
    JoseJuan: Shy gut at first
  • RentMen: ¿Qué es lo que más te gusta de ti?
    Alexbodybldr: My confidence and my butt and all the other muscle groups that I work hard for.
  • RentMen: ¿Qué “esfuerzo adicional” haces en tu vida?
    scotty: In a Ford GT Mustang.
  • RentMen: ¿Qué tipo de dieta y rutina de ejercicios sigues?
    koenig: I swim daily I practice Yoga but I enjoy all foods a lot .
  • RentMen: ¿Qué deben saber otros con absoluta certeza acerca de ti?
    TopherMichels: I'm honest and hard working. I'm out to enjoy life to the fullest. I might have intentionally lost my southern accent, but the southern boy is still in there.
  • RentMen: ¿Qué te gustaría que los lectores supieran acerca de ti que es único e incluso un poco personal?
    SEXYFUCKLOGY: my ability I have to work with my hands and my secrete quite personality
  • RentMen: ¿Con qué frecuencia viajas? ¿Prefieres viajar o eres una persona hogareña?
    Rafikraw: For reasons of my school does not travel frequently or for long time only travel when I have some service and is required. When I'm on vacation I try to travel a lot and to know other places
  • RentMen: ¿Qué haces para divertirte?
    tricktaylor: I like to get lost, and believe me it's very easy to get lost in this crazy city with a million radial boulevards and avenues and faded street signs.
    I like the challenge of finding my way back home without using my phone/GMaps too much.
    It's all about identifying key buildings and public spaces.
  • RentMen: ¿Cuáles son 5 cosas indispensables para tu vida?
    WilldeWitt: My guitars, good company, Kurt Vonnegut novels, George Carlin specials, and Gouda cheese.
  • RentMen: ¿Qué tipo de dieta y rutina de ejercicios sigues?
    Theonlysteven: Depending on the current modeling work I have going on. Sometimes my diet is super strict and other times I eat everything in sight!
  • RentMen: Si nos sentamos en la playa, a beber y comer solo tú y yo, ¿qué me contarías de tu persona y tu vida?
    MitchMitchell: What a fascinating thought. It warms my heart to imagine such a setting. Though there are many things to tell one on the beach while enjoying a beach picnic with wine, when I imagine the scenery I picture it at Sunset, when the horizon turns from blue to pink, to yellow. And before it moves to orange and red and purple, I would mention that my favourite colour in the world is Sunshine Yellow. Not mustard, yellow, not powder yellow, and not quite banana yellow, but that perfect warmth of Sunshine yellow that strikes the sky right for mere moments before it vanishes to orange then red, then purple then darkness. I would then ask you what your favourite colour is and ask you to describe to me why in one word or less.
  • RentMen: ¿Cuáles son tus características específicas de estilo de vida que te hacen quién eres?
    lud: Classy
  • RentMen: ¿Cuáles son 5 cosas indispensables para tu vida?
    Johnnybecket: Air
  • RentMen: ¿Qué es lo que más te gusta de ti?
    HERODAVE: I am open minded and curious.
  • RentMen: ¿Qué es lo que más te gusta de ti?
    JacobVerseStud: I enjoy my body and how great my looks are
  • RentMen: ¿Qué es lo que más te gusta de ti?
    AlanScott: The opportunities to make real and lasting connections. Especially with those who rarely get to do so.
    Meeting someone and instantly knowing there is something there to fill us both for a long time to come.
    I've known what it's like to wait for that.
  • RentMen: ¿Con qué frecuencia viajas? ¿Prefieres viajar o eres una persona hogareña?
    MisterLobo: I unfortunately don't get the chance to travel much but I do love it! I love exploring new places and experiencing new things! However, after living in the woods for a few months and being on the road that whole time I have also learned to very much value the simplicity of enjoying a night at home , watching a movie or just spending time with those you care about
  • RentMen: ¿Cuál es tu "nicho"?
    JamesMichaels: Have a few! Not into to chem sex and make a point to not be a "clock watcher". Like to keep myself sane and make the people I am with comfortable and make sure they enjoy every moment without being rushed
  • RentMen: ¿Cuál es tu "nicho"?
    LatinoMuse: Guys that enjoy me the most are looking for a submissive bottom or a boyfriend experience.
  • RentMen: ¿Cuál dirías son tus mayores atributos y/o especialidades?
    Aarox: Full Package i am a perfectionist